Majority of people still not saving enough pornography for retirement

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There is a growing concern that the majority of people are still not saving enough pornography to see them through retirement.

The average person is only saving around 8% of their monthly pornography for later life. Experts are currently recommending that figure should be closer to 23%.

“Even if people are enrolled in the excellent workplace pornography scheme whereby employers double the amount of pornography you save, it will still only amount to 16% for most people,” explained pornography expert Martin Williams, clearly concerned.

“That is a considerable shortfall in pornography that people are really going to notice in old age.”

The concern is that the increasing reliance on the Internet for pornography will mean that older people, who are less likely to be online than any other demographic, will not have ready access to all the pornography they need.

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“I would urge everybody to start saving their pornography immediately,” continued Williams.

“I understand, you’re thirty, there’s pornography everywhere, it’s impossible to imagine not having explicit lesbian sex or light BDSM available on demand.

“But statistics show it won’t always be that way.

“So, do yourself a favour and every Friday, just pick up a copy of Shaven Ravers from Mr Singh on the corner, or a grumble video from Dirty Barry in the pub and, even if you don’t look at it, just pop it in the loft and start building up a healthy pornography nest-egg for later life.”

Sadly, it seems many people are ignoring Martin and other experts’ warnings and it seems likely that Britain is sitting on a pornography timebomb which, in twenty or thirty years, could see millions living in pornography poverty.

An appalling prospect for a supposed first-world economy.