Supermarkets to impose a limit on mass gatherings of people taking pictures of empty toilet roll shelves

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Tesco and Morrisons have become the first supermarkets in the UK to impose a limit on the number of people allowed to gather taking photos of empty shelves in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The limit of 50 people at a time comes into effect from 9am this morning with a ticket-based system being introduced at all stores across the country.

Empty toilet roll, pasta and hand sanitiser shelves have now become the most photographed thing in Britain, with millions of people desperate to get their pictures on social media first, with either a hilarious joke or a virtuous rant before the shelves stock up again over the next few days.

Simon Williams, a store manager from Leeds, explained, “We have had thousands of people every day queuing up to get their photograph of the empty shelves and it is becoming too difficult to manage.

“Other shoppers can’t get through to buy any food from all of the other shelves that have plenty of stock on them. We even stocked up on pasta twice but nobody wanted it, they just moved to the hand sanitiser shelf to take more photos.”

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One shopper, Jackie Allen from Manchester, was fuming at the decision to limit numbers, telling us, “It’s people coming here in their hundreds panic buying toilet roll like idiot’s that is causing all this panic and not us!

“We just want to tell everyone that there is nothing left and that they need to start panicking,” she added, as she joined the queue of three-hundred people outside the store.