Shoppers finding it hard to tell if local Lidl has been ransacked by panic buyers or not

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The state of utter chaos in a branch of Lidl has remained unchanged since before the Coronavirus, leaving many shoppers confused.

Simon Williams, a regular shopper at his local branch of Lidl in Little Arseworth, Berkshire, described the shop to us saying, “It is understaffed, overstocked with items you’ll never need, understocked with toilet rolls, and with punters throwing punches in the aisles over packets of pasta the size of a sofa.

“And that was before the Coronavirus came along and all the panic buying started.

“But it’s much the same now. It’s hard to tell if this shop been ransacked by crazed, easily panicked consumers, if it’s currently being ransacked, or if it’s yet to be ransacked in any way whatsoever.”

Carelessly chucking some imitation Doritos and a few bottles of Hobgoblin into his trolley, he went on, “I mean, fair play to them for maintaining the atmosphere of distress that they call ‘business as usual’ through this Coronavirus panic.

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“That shows proper commitment to their customers in the time of need, the familiarity is definitely reassuring.”

We approached one frantic-looking lidl consumer who was rushing around randomly throwing items into his trolley and asked him if he was worried about Coronavirus, he told us, “What virus? I always shop like this.”

Store manager Christopher James responded to accusations his store looks like one of those scenes in The Walking Dead where they stumble upon an abandoned supermarket, telling us “Hang on a minute, that’s hardly fair.

“Our store is actually a lot cleaner now some of the stock has been cleared out. Who knew we had more shelves under these other piles of stuff?”