Dozens left disappointed as Liberal Democrats cancel conference

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Almost three dozen people have been mildly inconvenienced after the Liberal Democrats announced the cancellation of their spring conference, it has emerged.

The conference, whose cancellation is substantially bigger news than it would have been if it had happened, was set to take place in York over the weekend – leaving twenty or thirty people scrambling to make alternative plans.

“It would have been nice to get everyone together in the hotel lift for a catch-up and to thrash out our policy positions,” delegate and shadow-shadow Communities Minister Simon Williams told us.

“Back home in Kettering I’m the only party member in fifty miles, so it can be hard to discuss how we’re going to form a government which will transform Britain under normal circumstances.

“Plus I’ve been told we’ve now got a party member who is female, so you never know – I might have got lucky.”

York hoteliers are understood to be devastated by the cancellation, saying that the lost sales of half a bottle of Tia Maria and eight cans of gin & tonic mixer will severely impact on their bottom line.