Boris Johnson encourages people to defeat Coronavirus by showing up in public as rarely as he does

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Boris Johnson has a valuable tip for the British people: “Beat the spread of Coronavirus by showing up in public as rarely as I do”, he told reporters today.

The government is considering new measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus, including asking everyone to behave like a workshy fop.

“Make yourself scarce,” Johnson appealed during one of his rare appearances. “Don’t be put off if you actually have social or professional obligations. They can wait. You can see that in me. I’ve practically stopped working entirely.”

British people have been wondering if they should keep doing important things like going out of the house and meeting people, and the Prime Minister was quick to reassure them they could take his lead on this one.

Johnson ended the interview by saying he’d like to keep setting a good example so he’d be leaving immediately for Mustique.

“I’ll be off for a few weeks then. Cheery-bye!” he added.

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