Train stopping a metre and a half further down the platform ruins everyone’s day

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An entire platform full of people had their day ruined when a train came to a stop a metre and a half further down the platform than it usually does.

The unusual placement of the train meant that everyone had shuffle and skip a bit to their left to access the doors in order to board.

“It was awful, terrible, it’s ruined my day,” explained Simon Williams, a computer programmer who has commuted to London for 467 years.

“Every day I arrive on to the platform three minutes before the train arrives, I stand slightly to the right of the pillar with the ‘FA Cup 2011’ graffiti on it.

“The train arrives with the doors in front of me allowing me to board and access my seat with optimum efficiency, allowing me to spend the maximum amount of time available constructing a medieval cartoon army on my phone.”

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However, today was very different.

“A metre and a half too far down the platform! It’s a ruddy disgrace, not only did I have to jiggle and jump a bit to my left as the train came in, but a lady who doesn’t normally catch that train was able to get on before me and take my seat.

“I sat opposite her and glared a bit, but then I let it go because it wasn’t really her fault, it was the train company’s fault.

“There should be some sort of Delay/Repay facility for when this happens. It’s a ruddy disgrace.”

Whilst the train company have made no offer of compensation for the affected passengers, it did point out that it thought there was a poster for the Samaritans about three-quarters of the way down the platform.