Man who spent years telling ‘Remoaners’ that Britain survived the Blitz just panic-bought 400 toilet rolls

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A man who spent the last three years repeatedly telling Remoaners that the Blitz spirit means the problems associated with Brexit will be absolutely fine, has this morning headed to Tesco and panic-bought 400 toilet rolls after reading a meme posted on Facebook.

Derek Williams, 59, headed for the supermarket just moments after seeing an image with words on it shared by a guy who is a member of the same Conservative Club, and who used to sell cars.

“You can’t be too careful,” explained Williams as he lay down his car’s back seats to make room for all the toilet rolls.

“Obviously I was looking for things like hand-soap, or sanitiser, tinned goods, pasta, even ethnic stuff like rice – but that’s all gone – just empty shelves. So I went for toilet rolls instead.

“Yes, I realise there has been little or no mention of the effect of the Coronavirus on the bowels, but this is what being prepared looks like.  And after what I read this morning on Facebook, we all need to be prepared for the worst.”

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Williams, who has a Facebook activity log full posts with him telling people he doesn’t know to stop believing ‘project fear’, insisted this was very different.

He explained, “Well, with Brexit, you had all the experts telling us it was a bad move and that Brexit would be costly.  Whereas this time all the experts are telling us not to ‘panic buy’ and just to take simple precautions with our personal hygiene.

“I think I just prefer doing what the Facebook memes tell me.”