Parents left exhausted and traumatised after spending hours sorting costumes for World Book Day

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Thousands of parents arrived at work today exhausted, stressed and in tears after spending hours overnight and this morning trying to make their children look better than all those other kids for World Book day.

As schools across the country host children in a wide array of costumes, the effort has not been without cost to those raising them.

“I only found out about it last night,” said Jenny, a mother from Newcastle, “would it have hurt for one of them to mention it before they got into bed?

“I mean, everyone likes to hear ‘night night mummy, love you’, but it’s not that great when it’s followed by ‘I’d like to go to World Book Day tomorrow as the Cat in the Hat’.

“I’ve got three kids, so I had to get up at 4 o’clock to start getting them ready. Worst of all, if I don’t get the pictures on Facebook as soon as possible I won’t get as many likes,” she explained.

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One father of two boys, Tony from Basingstoke, found it all too much, telling us “I was doing make up for two hours then she said she needed two princess plaits. How the fuck do you do plaits?” he shouted at no-one in particular.

“This shit should be cancelled I can’t take it. We’ve already got Roald Dahl Day, why do we need this shit?” he added, fighting back tears.

With the majority of parents leaving it till the last minute, the rush to come up with a costume for their children, which is loosely related to a book was a major challenge.

Tony, added “They have had to wear their Buzz Light Year outfits they got at Christmas. I think it’s a book? If it’s not, it bloody should be.”