Coronavirus panic-buying in Doncaster leads to shops selling out of Stella Artois and family-sized bags of Quavers

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Shops in Doncaster and surrounding areas have been ‘completely stripped’ of essentials including 28-can slabs of Stella and family-sized bags of crisps as nervous shoppers stockpile, according to reports.

Warnings that people infected with Coronavirus might have to self-isolate and take a week or so off work have led to a rush on sales of items which locals simply cannot live without – leading to stocks of Benson and Hedges running dangerously low.

Simon Williams, manager of the Doncaster branch of Morrisons, told us that he had ordered extra supplies of soap and toilet paper for his store but nobody seemed overly interested in that.

“We put up a huge display of face masks and hand sanitizer right by the entrance, but people just walked straight past it to get to the Quality Street aisle”, he said. “Except for one guy from Balby who just asked about the alcohol content of the sanitizer.”

“Shelves are empty throughout the store – Freddos, WKD Blue, oven chips, all gone. We’ve sold out of all the absolute essentials.”

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“We actually had a fight break out over the last of those plastic buckets full of chunks of rocky road. People are desperate.”