Tommy Robinson’s fist brutally assaulted by man’s face

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Failed European parliamentary candidate Tommy Robinson is understood to be ‘stable’ after his fist was brutally assaulted by a man’s face at a Center Parcs in Bedfordshire.

The attack, which took place on Sunday afternoon, left Robinson’s fist suffering contusions and light scuffing – but it is expected to make a full recovery.

Messages of support and best wishes have been pouring in from supporters, who describe the attack on his fist as ‘completely unprovoked’ and blame his assailant and the media for what Robinson described as ‘a ruthless and sustained attack with both his nose and cheekbones’.

“I were just standing there minding me own business when this cunt comes up and sets about me knuckles wiv ‘is teeth,” Robinson told us from his sickbed, where he is nursing his hands.

“I’ve no idea wot made ‘im do it. Fortunately, me knuckles have been toughened up from years of being dragged along the ground so they didn’t come to serious harm in the attack.

“I can’t say what makes these people act like this, attacking me wiv their solar plexus, bollocks and soft tissues of the face and floating ribs.

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“So much for the tolerant left, that’s all I can say.”