Season finale of Doctor who results in TARDIS changing from police box to a dumpster on fire

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To mark the dramatic changes to Doctor Who revealed in the series finale last night, the TARDIS is to swap out its iconic Police Box look for a dumpster on fire for the next series.

The finale, which marked the current incarnation of Doctor Who fandom regenerating into angry and confused people muttering “What the hell?”, has led to ‘big changes’ in the show’s history where everything you thought you knew about Gallifrey and the Doctor was loaded into a skip and set alight for the titular hero to travel around in from now on.

“It’s burny-wurny, trashy washy stuff,” said scriptwriter Simon Williams.

“The theme of this series has been ‘family'”, he continued. “Where close bonds of trust and friendship have been built between the Doctor and her companions, and those between the creators and the fans have been shredded and doused in high-octane accelerant.”

In other news, next Christmas will see a new BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol in which the ghosts of William Hartnell, Terrence Dicks and Douglas Adams will visit Chris Chibnall and tell him how very disappointed they all are.

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