Manchester United fans wondering if a global Coronavirus pandemic could prevent Liverpool winning league

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The deaths of countless millions could well be a price worth paying to stop Liverpool winning the premier league, according to Manchester United fans this afternoon.

As the Coronavirus crisis escalates to the point of postponing major sporting events, the murmurings in Manchester are asking just how many football matches would need to be called off to deny Liverpool their first league title in xx years.

Manchester United fan Simon Williams told us, “Look, I’m not saying that the loss of a fairly significant chunk of the world’s population wouldn’t be an absolute tragedy – of course it would – but would it be worse than the gloating of that lot across the M62?

“I’m asking the question because the answer doesn’t seem immediately obvious to me.”

As the rugby international between Italy and Ireland was called off, other Manchester United fans have pointed out that Liverpool have supporters in both Ireland and Italy, so they are doubly at risk.

One told us, “I would strongly advise the Premier League to look at the precedent set by the Six Nations, and realise that letting Liverpool play any more games is simply too big a risk to the people living under the cloud of Coronavirus.

“Just one more match at Anfield could see the start of a national crisis. Is that what they want? Is it really that important to see Liverpool crowned league champions?

“I ask again, how many people have to die before the Premier League finally realises it has to stop Liverpool winning the league? They should just call the league off for this year and we can start again from scratch in August.”