Coronavirus crisis in Italy leads Donald Trump to close all US Pizzerias

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To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus on American soil, US President Donald Trump has taken the extraordinary step of signing an executive order requiring the closure of all pizzerias across the United States.

“I really like Italian food, it’s very beautiful, very great food, probably the best – apart from American – but with the Coronavirus, we have had to take some really sad measures,” said Trump in a series of tweets last night.

He announced the immediate closure of all pizzerias in the country, and that each would be inspected by officials from the Atlanta Center for Disease Control to make sure there was no outside contamination.

He went on, “Look folks, we have to protect ourselves. The best way to protect ourselves is to stop eating Italian, to avoid all circulation of Italian products on our territory, to stop watching films about the Italian mafia, very long films, very boring.”

The president pointed out, however, that in some cases it was possible to eat a pizza and still be safe from the Coronavirus, but only if you eat it while it’s still in its cellophane packaging – a technique considered by the food experts as not very credible and even downright dangerous.

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However, Trump soon took to Twitter to label the ‘so-called food experts traitors and anti-Americans’.

In the meantime, the American president has recommended that citizens continuing to keep themselves safe by only consuming excellent American food, such as Tacos or Fajitas.

This article was first published on our French partner site, Le Gorafi.