Calls for Tory MP to resign after footage emerges of him socialising in a ‘pub’ with commoners

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New Tory MP James Grundy has found himself at the centre of a social media storm after a video emerged of him spending an evening with lower-middle-class people in a ‘pub’, and even appearing to do as they ask.

Conservative Party spokesperson Simon Williams, attempted to defuse the issue by saying that the video was filmed a decade ago and that James Grundy had since apologised for his apparent fraternisation with people who occasionally shop at Asda.

He went on, “James was forthright with the Chief Whip and explained that when he was young, he was not above popping into town centre pubs and pretending to like football.

“He understands how unsettling it is for some to see a Tory MP being told what to do by someone who sounds like they store wine on a kitchen counter rack.

“He gave his assurance that this was the result of having a few too many. He has moved on from his youthful mingling with people who take the bus and now just smiles at them awkwardly while trying not to stare at their cheap jewelry.”

Mr Williams claimed that, as far as the government was concerned, there was no need for any disciplinary action.

He explained, “James is a fine young man who shows great promise and we see no need to dwell on this youthful mistake from a long time ago.

“In fact, his willingness to commit a public order offence that would get a pleb put on the Sexual Offenders register shows that he has the sort of brazen self-assurance and disregard for decency that mark him out as a future leader in our party.”