Labour centrists rocked as man refers to Tony Blair as ‘Tony B. Liar’ on Facebook

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The centrist wing of the Labour party was left in disarray last night after a man called Tony Blair – ‘B. Liar’ – on Facebook.

Simon Williams, a socialist free-thinker who believes absolutely everything Jeremy Corbyn says, was, inevitably, arguing about Israel when instead of calling Tony Blair ‘Tony Blair,’ he referred to the former Prime Minister as ‘Tony B. Liar.’

The centrist wing of the Labour party scrambled to respond.

“I’m not going to use the word crisis, because nobody wants to think it’s that bad, but we’re certainly on the ropes,” explained leading centrist Dame Margaret Hodge.

“I mean – calling Blair ‘B. Liar’ – it’s devastating, it’s using an anagram to change his name into ‘liar,’ thereby indicating that he is, indeed, a liar.

“I don’t know how we recover from a blow like this.”

The beleaguered left-wing of the party, who were reeling from their most recent significant General Election defeat, are now beginning to regroup around Williams and already at least one confirmed use of ‘B. Liar’ was spotted on Twitter from a different user.

Williams is already plotting another devastating piece of wordplay along the lines of calling Gordon Brown ‘Gordon Clown’ but, apparently, ‘cleverer than just that’.

It is thought that, with continued use of ‘B. Liar’ and similar shattering anagrams, the left of the party could now finally crush the centrists, elect Rebecca Long-Bailey to be leader, and lead the people to glorious revolution.