Harry and Meghan banned from using the names ‘Harry’ and ‘Meghan’

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Following news that Harry and Meghan will no longer be able to use the ‘Sussex Royal’ brand, the couple have suffered a further blow after being told they will no longer be able to use the names ‘Harry’ and ‘Meghan’.

“‘Harry’ and ‘Meghan’ are names that the couple were able to use as working members of the Royal Family,” explained Eleanor Gay, a Royal expert.

“Now they have stepped back from their royal duties, they will no longer be able to use those names.”

There has been no official confirmation on what names the couple will be using going forward.

“As I understand it,” continued Gay, “the Queen would like them to use the names ‘Stan’ and ‘Myrtle’ but Harry is pushing hard for permission to be known as ‘Captain Sexy and Hot Spanky.”

It is expected that negotiations will continue.

The move had the support of Simon Williams, a Daily Express reader who is angry about things.

He told us, “Quite right, they should be stripped of their names. They’re not royals anymore, they don’t deserve them.

“If anything, they shouldn’t be able to use their faces either and should be forced to have plastic surgery to look like different people that aren’t in the royal family.

“It’s a disgrace, if you ask me, which technically you didn’t.”

It is understood that the names ‘Harry’ and ‘Meghan’ will be given to Edward and Sophie as part of an ambitious rebranding project to make the couple seem a bit more relevant to contemporary Britain.