Government urged to implement points-based system for anyone trying to move into the Cabinet

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The government has been urged to bring in a points-based system in the hope of preventing low-skilled workers from taking their place in the Cabinet.

Critics of the plan insisted that discriminating against people with no discernible skills could prevent people like Priti Patel becoming ministers of state.

However, the clamour for a points-based Cabinet is growing and fast becoming the ‘will of the people’.

“We’ve been too much of a soft-touch for too long,” said voter Simon Williams, “All these bloody nobodies getting the top jobs in government just because they know the right people. It’s disgusting.

“We need to put up proper barriers at Whitehall, and stop any johnny-come-lately sauntering inside and taking a nice big corner office.

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“Those jobs should go to people qualified to do them, not some prick you wouldn’t trust tying his own shoelaces.”

The debate is currently raging on how the points system should work, with half the country insisting a private education should count for 50 points, the other half insisting it should count for -50.

Williams went on, “I don’t think you can be racist against people with no discernible skills, but if you’re saying it’s racist just because I want to discriminate against them, then fine, I guess I’m a racist.

“We can argue all we like over how the points should be given in this new system, but I think we can all agree that whatever system we end up with, it should make sure people like Chris Grayling can’t get within a million miles of the Cabinet.”

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