Mail online pays heartfelt tribute to Caroline Flack with pictures of her ‘£3,000 a-month apartment’

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The highbrow click-baiters at the Mail Online, have clearly reflected on the social media outcry over intrusive reporting of celebrities following the tragic passing of Caroline Flack, by posting oh-so thoughtful pictures of the interior of her London apartment.

A Mail Online spokesperson said, “What happened to Caroline was clearly a tragedy. She was by all accounts a vivacious, kind and warm person, as well as a talented presenter and performer, which is obviously how we always portrayed her.

“Now she has passed, we wish to carry on our extremely tactful and tasteful reporting of her, first by giving a blow-by-blow account of her boyfriend’s personal grief by deploying telescopic lenses to show actual tears running down his cheek, and now by plastering pictures of her flat all over our site in the hope people will keep clicking on them.

“We will also soon be launching ‘grief alerts’ to keep everyone up to date on Caroline’s close friends and families’ private suffering, as soon as we say it is happening, and extended coverage of the funeral with accompanying guide, ‘how to mourn attractively for the camera’.

“It’s what she would have wanted.

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“Yes, that’s right. We are sewer rats. But, hey, we’ll just keep doing this shit until we stop making money off it, which will require you all to stop fucking clicking on it by the tens of thousands.

“Just stop. Go on. Can’t, can you?”