Tories join ‘Be Kind’ campaign by giving top job to unemployable advocate for eugenics and forced sterilisation

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As people across social media are encouraging others to ‘be kind’ in the wake of Caroline Flack’s death, the Tory party has joined the campaign by giving a job to a previously unemployable supporter of eugenics and forced sterilisation.

Andrew Sabisky has been given a role as an advisor in Boris Johnson’s government, despite his previous comments on eugenics and sterilising the poor making him practically unemployable in any public field.

A party spokesperson told us, “We have watched the reaction to Caroline Flack’s death, and we have taken to heart the campaign for people to ‘be kind’.  What better way to be kind than to give a top job to someone who probably couldn’t get a job in the real world?

“We hope that people will see this for what this is, an act of kindness in offering gainful employment to someone you wouldn’t think could get it.  What better way to illustrate the new, kinder, Conservatism advocated by this government.”

Others have suggested that maybe the Tories could have started by helping an old lady across the road, or adopting a rescue puppy.

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Voter Simon Williams told us, “I get that ‘be kind’ is a lovely sentiment, and one we should be grateful to see adopted at the highest levels of government – but do we need to start with someone who advocates giving forced contraception to poor people at the onset of puberty to prevent a ‘permanent underclass’?

“I’m not saying Andrew Sabisky isn’t deserving of kindness, I’m saying buy him a coffee, compliment his outfit, do not put him in the ear of the person dictating government policy.”

However, the Tory spokesperson responded to the criticism, telling us, “Just because Andrew had some opinions in the past that might seem distasteful, doesn’t for one second mean they have any chance of becoming government policy.

“They almost certainly won’t.  Probably.”