Tabloids take break from deciding which celeb to take down this week to write sympathetically on Caroline Flack ‘tragedy’

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Tabloid reporters are this evening taking a break from writing their numerous hit-pieces on celebrities across the entertainment industry, to write sympathetic pieces on the tragic death of Caroline Flack.

Venomous hacks have decided that fabricating take-down articles about whoever they don’t like this week can wait until they have offered their condolences following the former Love Island presenter’s death at the age of 40.

Tabloid reporter Simon Williams told us, “What’s important at this difficult time, is that we press pause on ruining the life of another young vulnerable celebrity, to mourn the loss of this young vulnerable celebrity.

“It’s a tragedy really, I’m absolutely heart-broken – mainly because I’ve got this really great piece about a boy band member who body-shamed a girl in his class at primary school, it makes him look like a right bastard – but now I’ve got to work on something nice about Caroline Flack instead.”

Regular tabloid reader Sharon Smith told us, “I think it’s awful what happened to poor Caroline, hounded by the press like that and left feeling there was no way out and with no-one to turn to.

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“Will I buy the many tabloid papers this week? Of course I will, how else will I know who to hate if I don’t let them tell me?”

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