Facebook photo of an absolutely tragic roast dinner incorrectly captioned “MMMM!”

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Someone is massively over-praising their dinner on Facebook.

Simon Williams, 31, put up a photo of some under-cooked chicken, boiled potatoes, a couple of bits of veg and no gravy with the caption “wife cooked up some proper tasty roast nosh! Mint.”

“It looks neither proper nor tasty. Nor is it really roasted… and I’m not even sure it can qualify as ‘nosh’.” confirmed food scientist, Hayley Rice.

“It looks more like a warning for the kind of meals we can expect following our post-Brexit trade negotiations with the USA.

“It would also appear that Simon’s wife hates him.”

One of Simon’s friends, Jay Cooper, said, “I clicked ‘Like’ on the photo, but it was only out of pity.

“Simon keeps inviting me round for dinner and I’m running out of excuses. I don’t want to force down various shades of beige while doing my best to fake some “mmm!” sounds.

“I have bought him and his wife a cookbook every Christmas for the last four years. I can only assume they used one of them to stun that chicken before serving it up immediately.”