Councils to celebrate Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday by flying Pizza Express menus at full mast

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Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday will be marked by councils across the country by flying Pizza Express menus outside their offices.

Under ordinary circumstances, the union flag would be flown to celebrate the birthday of a senior royal, however, constitutional experts insisted that it would not be clear whose birthday was being honoured.

Council leader Simon Williams explained, “We wondered about the best way to show our respects for Prince Andrew’s birthday, give it’s the sort of thing we’re expected to do.

“After careful consideration, we thought flying a Pizza Express menu would be the ideal choice.

“They’re about the size of a small flag, and more importantly, the general public will immediately know who we are flying it for.”

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Local residents have welcomed the move, with one telling us, “He’s still a senior royal, unlike that Meghan cow, so it’s right and proper we recognise his birthday.

“But be careful flying a Pizza Express menu, it might be like the bat signal and bring him running.”