Toddler playing with tea-set left confused as visiting Aunt asks for tall, non-fat latte with extra shot

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Three-year-old Ava Williams has been left confused this afternoon after a visiting Aunt chose a tall non-fat Latte with an extra shot while they had a tea party.

Aunty Chloe, who does not have any children, said she would love a cup when offered a drink by her niece.

However, her choice of beverage was frowned upon by the others present.

Chloe explained, “I enjoy a latte, but it has to be non-fat, do you know how many calories there are in milk? I can’t be doing with full fat or skim, not with my hips, and now with a fortnight in Alicante only a few weeks away.

“And I needed the extra shot because frankly playing with a toddler is a little tedious after the first few minutes.

“Yes, I’m happy to admit that I didn’t realise the drink would be made-up and that I was expecting a hot drink to be served to me during this game.

“She’s three, that’s old enough to make a coffee, surely?”