Some words to accompany a picture of Rita Ora

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Here are some words that you won’t read because you are looking at a picture of Rita Ora.

As a news outlet, it is required that on a regular basis we publish a picture of entertainer Rita Ora. This allows readers to look at the picture of Rita Ora and thus feel satisfied that they have seen the picture of Rita Ora.

You will not read the words that accompany the picture of Rita Ora, so the nature of these words are therefore irrelevant.

They could simply be the word c**t repeated 200 times, this could normally be considered incredibly offensive, but as the words accompany a picture of Rita Ora then they will never be read.

This leads to the interesting philosophical conundrum of whether words can be offensive if they are never read.

There will be no attempt to discuss the philosophical conundrum as it is contained within the words accompanying the picture of Rita Ora, and will therefore not be read.

In order to reach the minimum length of the article, there will now follow some random words; pustule, bison, barracuda, self-catering, Bruce Forsyth, brilliantine, nightlight, crampon, fatuous, erection.

To conclude; Rita Ora.