Britain still being here presented as some kind of success

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The fact that Britain didn’t fall into the sea last night is being held up as some kind of vindication of Brexit today.

Not ceasing to exist overnight is a pretty low bar to measure success, but Brexit supporters have been crowing about it nevertheless.

However, tangible benefits beyond physical continuity have been sparse, leading some observers to wonder if there aren’t any.

“When we voted to leave the EU I said the world wouldn’t end and I was right”, leading Brexit campaigner Simon Williams told us.

”Nor has the sun gone out and there’s not been a rain of frogs, which I also said wouldn’t happen.

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“With a track record of predictive success like that it’s a mystery to me why people don’t respect me more.

“You hear that? You should respect me!”

When told that respect is something that is earned and if you have to demand it then that just means you’ve not earned it, Simon is understood to have taken it badly.