Chris Grayling relieved he didn’t cancel his Christmas trip to China just because he had a filthy cold

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With China in lockdown due to the coronavirus Chris Grayling is jolly pleased he visited the country when he had the chance – and to think he nearly didn’t go because he had some sort of man flu!

Chris Grayling watched the news with an increasing sense of relief. Britons were being advised not to travel to China because of some deadly disease thing.

That was close – he was in China just a few weeks ago! He went out with his family for a short holiday between Christmas and New Year.

The funny thing was that he nearly didn’t go because he was all snotty and under the weather. Thank goodness he dosed himself up and made the effort!

Mind you, he almost regretted going when he was on that packed train in Wuhan. Having run out of tissues he had to discreetly catch a messy sneeze and wipe the results on the seat!

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Grayling chuckled at the memory. The scrapes he got into!

Still, no harm done. It was a great little holiday.

Good heavens, the news was now showing a quarantined boat! Or was it a plane? He was never very good with that sort of thing.

Grayling shrugged, went to the kitchen and popped the kettle on.