Twitter ban sees Katie Hopkins forced to go door-to-door spreading hate

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Professional moron-agitator Katie Hopkins has been forced to go door-to-door spreading her particular brand of hate after having her Twitter account suspended.

The social network has temporarily suspended her account pending a full review, leaving Hopkins with no choice but to go door-to-door in her one-woman mission to let everyone know who she really hates.

Twitter’s stance has been described by non-morons as “a perfectly sensible move in an attempt to remove harmful hate speech and other conspiracy nonsense from our lives.”

However many angry morons have been left bereft that their primary source of hate has been removed from the platform.

Hopkins follower Derek Williams told us, “I have all this pent-up anger, and without Katie telling me where to point it I don’t know what to do?  Who should I be angry about today? Who should I be blaming for the dismal state of my own existence? I need to know! HELP ME!”

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Meanwhile, London resident Shiela Matthews told us, “She knocked on my door about an hour ago and asked if I knew that refugees were as bad as cockroaches? Then she insisted that London was full of no-go areas due to immigrants and Muslims, seemingly unaware we were in London.

“Apparently Sadiq Khan is in ISIS too, I didn’t know that one. It was ninety seconds of the most pathologically evil nonsense I’ve ever heard one person come out with.”

Hopkins herself said, “My Twitter following might have reached a million people, but there is no way for the liberal establishment elite to stop me screaming my important messages through the doors of literally dozens of British homes every single day.

“And nothing beats the thrill of converting an idiot to your way of thinking face-to-face. I can sort of see why the Jehovah’s Witnesses keep doing it.”

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