Brexit 50p coin already worth only 20p

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The commemorative 50p coin unveiled by Sajid Javid is already worth only 20p, according to economists.

The coin, which will be issued on Friday to mark the UK’s departure from the European Union and will seek to forever remind the British population of that glorious moment it took a metaphorical shotgun to both feet, has the appearance of a normal 50p but has the addition of a daft platitude inscribed on it.

Mr Javid released an image of him holding a coin featuring the date 31 January 2020 and the phrase “Friendship with all nations”, which presumably is an intentionally ironic reference to Britain sticking two fingers up at every country it has ever been good friends with over the last twenty years.

Economist Simon Williams explained, “The chancellor has made a shrewd move in choosing the 50p coin as the value with which to make a commemorative Brexit coin, as it can’t drop too much value, worst case – each one loses 50p, which isn’t the end of the world.

“With actual negotiations of trade deals yet to begin, the value of the coin is currently around 20p, but if things go badly then the value could drop to 10p, or even lower if no trade deal can be agreed.

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“And Mr Javid will be thankful that it’s currently valued at 20p, as that’s actually quite a ringing endorsement of his government.”