United States threatening big tariffs on our products just one of the many benefits of sovereignty, insist Brexiters

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Seeing the United States threaten retaliatory tariffs for the UK making laws they don’t like is just one of the many benefits of sovereignty, according to Brexiters today.

As the US suggested the proposed digital tax outlined by Boris Johnson’s government would lead to tariffs placed on a range of good from the UK, Brexiters have been quick to point out that this is what sovereignty is all about.

Brexit campaigner Simon Williams told us, “We explained to the voters that after Brexit, being a sovereign nation will leave us free to make trade deals with countries around the world, countries like the United States.

“So when those same countries threaten us with huge trade tariffs because we are using our sovereignty to do things they don’t like, you can rest assured that this is something we completely anticipated.

“Choosing not to do something because other countries threaten us is very different to not doing something because we’re not allowed to.  Yes, the outcome looks very similar to the casual observer, but this way we can pretend it was all our own decision.

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“You have to remember, no-one said that sovereignty would be beneficial to the country. Just that we need it.

“In fact, if you think about it, our newfound sovereignty gives us the complete freedom to annoy and alienate pretty much every trade partner you can think of. Won’t that be wonderful?

“So when the US flexes its muscles to change what laws we choose to implement, remember, this is definitely what the people voted for.”