Plans to hang EU flag on Dover cliffs shows Remainers can be just as twattish as Leavers

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A plan to hang a giant EU flag from the famous White Cliffs of Dover to mark the day Britain leaves the EU would seem to indicate that those who support remaining in the EU are equally as twattish as those who support leaving.

The project has been crowdfunded by thousands of Remain supporters who genuinely think that a big flag is a better use of their money than donating to a refugee charity, joining the Labour Party to try and establish a meaningful opposition, or just throwing pound coins out the window.

“A flag that no one in Europe can see will definitely show Europe just how much they mean to us, even though we are leaving,” said Simon Williams, one of the twats involved in the scheme.

“If anything, we should hang more flags from more cliffs across the coast, especially in more places that Europe definitely can’t see, because obviously that’ll sort everything out.”

This big EU flag project is a response to the crowdfunded campaign to make Big Ben bong to mark Brexit, an idea that many thought would be the most twattish thing ever conceived.

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However, they were quickly proved wrong as Remainers told them to ‘hold my beer’.

There is, however, cause for optimism in both the Big Ben project and the EU flag project and that is that, whether Remainer or Leaver, the people of Britain may be able to finally overcome their deep divisions through a shared twattishness seemingly inherent in all of us.

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