New series to see Bear Grylls attempt to survive in post-Brexit Britain

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A new Channel Four series will see survival expert and former SAS serviceman Bear Grylls face his toughest challenge yet – attempting to survive in a post-Brexit Britain.

The series will begin filming in 2021, after the Brexit transition period has ended.

It is expected that in the initial episode, Grylls will face few problems, merely having to contend with a shortage of decent Chablis and a lot of Nigel Farage on television.

As the series gets going, however, Grylls will have his survival skills put to the test as infrastructure in Britain completely collapses and the local Asda is a grim fight-to-the-death to secure the last Findus Crispy Pancake on the shelf.

By the end of the series, Grylls will be living in a hole in the ground and drinking his own wee, just like everyone else.

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“It’s going to be a challenge, surviving in post-Brexit Britain, a real challenge,” admitted the adventurer.

“I’m going to be preparing for it by living in a sewer whilst people explain that everything’s better now because the EU wouldn’t let people live in a sewer before.”

Despite the magnitude of the challenge, it is expected that viewing figures for the new show will be the lowest he’s ever experienced as, in a post-Brexit Britain, the only person still able to afford a television set will be Jacob Rees-Mogg.