Stoners, freaks and potheads supportive of scheme to mark Brexit with Big Ben bongs

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The British Confederacy of Stoners, freaks and potheads have thrown their support behind a plan to crowdfund a series of Big Ben bongs to mark Brexit on January 31st.

The bongs, presumably, will be modelled on the iconic tower of Big Ben. It is understood that ten bongs are planned at an overall cost of half a million pounds.

“Yeah, like, totally into it,” explained Simon Williams, a marijuana aficionado from Chelmsford, Essex who hasn’t left his flat since November.

“I mean, you get, like, these totally amazing bongs, right. But they’re way expensive, so the people come together and, like, fund the bongs in this amazing display socialistic unity and then we all get these great high-quality hits and get totally baked, you know, together as one in unity.

“We could have the Orb playing and just never go to work again.

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“Beautiful, man.”

There had been a rumour that the Big Ben Bongs referred to in the plan to mark Brexit were actually the bongs made by the bell in Big Ben itself.

Mr Williams dismissed that idea out of hand.

“Wait, what? So, you’d like do a Brexit and then spend half a million just to get the sound of a bell? No, come on man, I may have been stoned since last June, but even I can see that would be a f**king silly idea.”