Prince Harry granted custody of Sussex at weekends

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The queen has agreed to allow Prince Harry to use Sussex at weekends and bank holidays after a tense meeting this afternoon.

Royal insiders were concerned Harry might lose access to the county after dramatically walking out on it last week, but wiser heads prevailed and it was agreed he could take Sussex to the park and make awkward conversation two days out of every seven.

Harry, who is now shacking up with Canada and is understood to be hoping for conjugal rights over the country, is understood to be ‘relieved’ that he’ll still have Sussex as his Duchy on the side.

”Harry still loves Sussex, just not the way he used to,” said Royal equerry Sir Simon Prince-Williams.

”It will always be his special duchy, and he very much wants to stay close, but Canada has things going for it which Sussex doesn’t and he hopes Sussex will understand when it’s older.”

When asked, Sussex said Harry will be sorry when he finds out how frigid Canada is.