Harry and Meghan quit Royals to form 2 Unlimited tribute act

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It has emerged that Harry and Meghan’s sensational decision to quit the Royal Family was precipitated by a plan to form a 2 Unlimited tribute act – Limited Unlimited.

2 Unlimited were a hugely popular duo who shouted about limits over a Bontempi organ backing track for the entire duration of the nineties.

“Harry’s no fool,” explained BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell.

“He knows that tribute acts are hugely popular in pubs and clubs all over the country, a 2 Unlimited act would be a sensation, they could make two hundred, perhaps even two hundred and fifty pounds a night.

“And that’s not even including the retro festivals you get.”

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It is understood that Harry and Meghan hatched the plan after becoming increasingly bitter that they weren’t allowed to live in a big sparkly palace like in Disney films.

“I understand that Frogmore Cottage staff heard Harry, after a particularly lively New Year sherry party, shout, and I quote – ‘being a Prince is a right load of old nob, come on Meg, let’s do it, let’s form Limited Unlimited, we’ll be huge’ – the Duchess agreed and the plan was set in motion.”

It is understood that the couple had been considering a Eurythmics tribute act.

“That is true,” continued Witchell.

“But that would have involved an awful lot of Meghan just wearing a bra, and she does feel the cold quite a lot.”

Whilst the couple will probably initially be quite successful due to the novelty of seeing former royals singing disco records, they might do well to remember Prince Edward and Sophie who formed an Ike and Tina Turner tribute act in the early 2000s with catastrophic results.