Man who went to supermarket for milk ‘because it’s cheaper’ comes back having spent £58

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A man who went to the supermarket because the milk ‘is cheaper than at the local shop’ has returned having spent £58.

The man, Simon Williams, 43, said, “I refuse to spend money at our local convenience store because the prices are so much higher than I can get them for elsewhere.

“For instance, a 4-pint bottle of milk is £1.59 whereas I can get it for £1.40 from Sainsbury’s.

“So I jumped in the car, costing me a bit more in petrol than a walk to the shop, admittedly, but then boy, am I quids in by saving myself 19p on the milk.

“I did, however, have to pick up a bit more stuff, as obviously we needed bread. And I remembered we were quite low on fruit and some veg as I walked up that aisle. My wife said we needed tea bags a couple of weeks ago, so I got them and the jam and the Shreddies; which were buy two for four quid.

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“I got some pastries for the morning too, and both types of frozen chips – fries and the crinkle cut I prefer – in case we needed them. I mean, it turns out we didn’t and now there’s a whole tray of chips rammed in the freezer drawer.

“Oh, and I picked up a couple of magazines I wanted as they were in the aisles when you come in. And a book. And a MCU boxset on Blu-ray.

“But all this would’ve cost a lot more in the local shop!”