Touchingly optimistic parents planning what they’ll watch over Christmas

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Parents of small children Simon and Simone Williams spent yesterday evening in a haze of charmingly misplaced optimism planning their Christmas viewing, it has emerged.

Simone, who has bought the Christmas edition of the Radio Times every year since she was little because it’s something she and her dad used to do, seems to have forgotten that her dad never got to watch the stuff he wanted and is about to get a startling reminder.

“We’re quite looking forward to the new Dracula, and there’s a new adaptation of A Christmas Carol which I think we’re all looking forward to,” she said, blissfully unaware that she’ll be watching Paw Patrol when both are actually broadcast.

“And there’s the Strictly Christmas Special, and Robbie Williams has got his own special and I fancied him when I was younger so we’ll be watching that,” she added without realising she’ll be watching The Gruffalo effectively on a loop for four solid days.

“And if we miss anything we can always catch up on it on iPlayer or whatever,” concluded Simone, seemingly oblivious to the mocking laugh of the cold and empty Fates and their knowledge of an exciting bout of childhood vomiting which will last until early January.