James Corden surprised to learn he was in a film after playing hugely overweight, annoying character

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James Corden is reported to be surprised and bemused today after learning he was in a movie after spending six months being really annoying and eating out of a bin.

Corden, who plays Bustopher Jones in Cats, had spent months earlier this year stuffing his face and irritating everyone he met – only to learn he was making a motion picture and the director was delighted with his performance.

“I thought maybe they were following me around with a camera as some sort of fly-on-the-wall reality show,” Corden told us from inside a dumpster behind a restaurant, six months after the end of principal filming.

“So when I was invited to the premiere of Cats I was startled to find I had a major starring role.

“I’m on the poster and everything. You’d think someone might have said something before.

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“The reviews all say my character is obnoxious and repulsive and horrendously overweight, which I’m inclined to take personally as I only discovered I’d been acting earlier today.”

Hollywood studios are so impressed with Corden’s ability to play an overweight cat nobody likes that they’ve already approached his agent about the role of Snarf in a live-action Thundercats film.