Whirlpool’s new Christmas advert shows family roasting chestnuts over an open washing machine

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White-goods manufacturer Whirlpool has marked their latest product recall with a seasonal new advert, in which a smiling family make the most of the unexpected ignition of their washing machine by roasting chestnuts around it.

While holly-decked text on the screen warns viewers about the recall of half a million fire-hazard Hotpoint and Indesit machines, the advert also shows happy family gather together to enjoy their festive treat in the hazy smoke of the back garden, as Michael Bublé sings his Christmas hit “Chestnuts roasting on a washer-dryer”.

Whirlpool spokesman Simon Williams explained, “Our engineers are currently working on a way to make sure that when you use your washing machine the heat goes into the water and not into the door, causing a fire. Yes, seriously, that is precisely what they’re doing.

“This engineering lark is harder than it looks, folks, please be kind to us! You should have seen what happened when we tried to make an electric toothbrush. I have dentures now, let’s put it that way.”

Mr Williams continued, “Christmas is the time for joy and goodwill. So we are spreading joy with our charming advert, and now it’s up to you to show some goodwill to us and continue to buy our products despite the fact we’ve demonstrated our ability to set fire to what is essentially a metal bucket full of water.”

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The new advert reminded many viewers of a similar one run by Samsung in 2016, where a laughing family join together to light the Christmas pudding with an overheating Galaxy Note 7.