Beach towels on town centre benches herald arrival of German Christmas market

author avatar by 4 years ago

Beach towels have appeared overnight on all the benches in the town centre, indicating the German Christmas market will be arriving tomorrow.

Local councillors have expressed surprise at the sudden appearance, saying that they’ve no idea how the towels got there and someone must have snuck into town at about 3am to make sure nobody got the benches first.

“It’s a bit of a shame as the pensioners like to come into town and sit on them to watch the world go by, but now they can’t,” said councillor Simon Williams.

“I guess this is because a couple of dozen pre-fab stripped pine cabins selling sausages, marzipan and decorations will be arriving tomorrow and someone has nabbed all the spots,” he said, pointedly.

“It must be the German Christmas market, because there was a French Christmas market here yesterday and they all surrendered when they heard it was on the way.”

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