Mark Gatiss writes himself into new Dracula adaptation as Dracula’s smarter, better looking brother

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A new adaptation of Dracula written by Mark Gatiss will feature an entirely new character who is just like Dracula except smarter and better-looking and coincidentally played by Mark Gatiss, it has been confirmed.

The adaptation, on television over the Christmas period, is described as a bold new interpretation of the classic tale and introduces several entirely new characters, one of whom is called Frank – an eternal revenant who impaled more people than Vlad the Impaler and is actually an older, more powerful vampire than Dracula himself.

“When we were casting for the role, we kept coming back to the question – who could possibly play someone cleverer, better looking and generally more charismatic than one of the greatest literary characters of all time?” Gatiss told reporters.

“I never even put myself forward for the role, and it took other people literally minutes to overcome my natural modesty and reticence to cast myself in this incredibly cool and interesting role which I’d created.

“Just like when I wrote Sherlock and that thing about a haunted house too, as it happens. Pure coincidence that I was the best person for the part and I’m confident if anyone else had been better I would have cast them instead of myself.”

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Gatiss’ next project will be an adaptation of Jesus’ life which will introduce a new character –  His best mate Dave of Galilee – who gives the Son of God all his ideas and everyone likes him more than Jesus.

It is currently a mystery who will play the character.