Donald Trump calls for Home Alone 2 be renamed ‘The Donald Trump Christmas Extravaganza’

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Dystopian US President Donald Trump has called for Home Alone 2 be renamed The Donald Trump Christmas Extravaganza.

Mr Trump has a small role in the film as a man who directs Kevin McCallister to the hotel exit.

“You know, I think that without my role in that picture, it would have flopped. I do,” explained Mr Trump.

“So, I believe that it is only fair that producers rename the film to The Donald Trump Christmas Extravaganza.

“I tell you, if they had done that in the first place, it would have been a bigger hit, a much bigger hit, that’s for sure.”

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Mr Trump also went on to suggest that the film might benefit from having footage of his time as president cut into the film to give greater emphasis to his role.

“Yeah, so instead of starting with Kevin and the family packing for the trip to France, maybe start with a shot of me getting on my Presidential helicopter with that woman…Melania.

“Replace the fight in that empty house at the end with a montage of me signing things and, you know, you got a pretty good Donald Trump Christmas Extravaganza right there.”

Mr Trump also suggested that, although he wasn’t familiar with the story, if he was cut into A Christmas Carol so that it looked like he was playing the ‘business guy,’ that could only improve things.

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