Man who didn’t bother to vote busy ranting about ‘f*cking Tories’

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A man who didn’t exercise his right to vote is now railing against a country which elected a Conservative majority.

Simon Williams didn’t vote.

“There was just no point,” he said. “I live in a really safe Tory seat – my vote simply wouldn’t have counted.

“But my god, what the hell is wrong with people?

“I had no idea such a high proportion of the UK electorate has the financial resources to afford private healthcare. Perhaps it’s because they save all their cash by using food banks.

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“Is Brexit really all people care about? Are they really that small-minded?

“Doesn’t the fact that the Prime Minister is an openly racist and misogynistic coward mean anything?!

“For Christ’s sake! We had the chance to build a more equitable society; to ensure the state is able and willing to help those in need; to give our children hope!

“And once again the people appear to have just gone ‘ugh, foreign people’ and elected the fucking Tories.

“What utter wankers!”

Labour voter Christopher James said, “Look, I agree with Simon but if you don’t turn up to play in the game then you can’t complain when your team loses.

“A democracy always gets the government it deserves.

“Does the UK really deserve at least five more years of austerity? For the NHS to be dismantled and sold off to Trump? For an economy destroyed by a Brexit with no trade deal?

“Apparently so.”

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