Labour blames election loss on media reporting things that Jeremy Corbyn did and said

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After suffering their biggest electoral loss since the eighties, the Labour party has put the blame for the resounding defeat squarely on the shoulders of the media and their insistence on reporting Jeremy Corbyn doing and saying things.

“The problem is that we weren’t just battling the Tories, but we were battling the media as well,” explained John McDonnell.

“There were countless times in this election that Jeremy would say something or do something and then the media would report it and the public would see or read about him saying and doing those things, which would naturally mean a few more votes against Labour.

“If the media left us alone then we might have stood more of a chance.”

Simon Williams who runs the Jeremy Corbyn fan club, was in agreement.

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“It’s definitely the media that is to blame for this election loss,” he said, as he polished his tin-foil hat.

“They were clearly biased against Labour in the way they kept reporting what Jeremy said and did.

“If they’d only made up things that made him look like a competent leader and politician then more of the public might have voted for us and we wouldn’t have done so badly.

“It’s so unfair.”

There is, however, evidence to suggest that Labour’s claims may well be incorrect, as there is a little old lady who lives on an island just off the coast of Scotland with no television or access to newspapers who still thinks Jeremy Corbyn is a twat.

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