Brexit Party voters urged to put second cross in Conservative box to prevent establishment conspiracy against Brexit

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Brexit Party voters have this morning been encouraged to defeat a last-minute surge towards remainer parties by putting a second cross against the Conservative candidate in their constituency.

The move comes as polls showed the Tory lead tightening at the top, and concerns that a conspiracy among the liberal elite could lead to a hung parliament and the end of Brexit.

Brexit Party strategists were quick to outline their plan to defeat the conspiracy, by insisting it’s much harder to change someone’s vote on a ballot paper if you’ve made TWO crosses.

Party spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “We need to get the message out there to all Brexit Party voters, make the big cross goes against the Brexit Party, so they know it’s your preferred candidate – but then put a slightly smaller, but still very clear cross next to the Conservative candidate.

“That way you’re telling the people at the count that you know their scheme, but that you still want your vote counted and definitely not switched to one for Labour or the Lib Dems.  It would take them twice as long to change your vote, so they’ll move on and leave it.

“Remember, putting a cross next to one name is only marginally better than putting it next to zero names – which shows massive indecision. Whereas two ticks against the Brexit Party and Conservatives shows you are twice as certain that you want a party that supports Brexit to win the election.

“Together we take a pen to the polling station and defeat the establishment elite!”