Accusations emerge online that shocking depiction of Jesus in a manger was ‘staged’ by his mother

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Depictions of the baby Jesus in a manger have resulted in accusations that the whole thing was staged by his mother to push her blatant Christian agenda.

Reports have been spreading on Twitter that the shocking depiction of Jesus in a manger near to Bethlehem hospital was, in fact, entirely staged by his publicity-hungry mother.

As one Tweet which has been retweeted tens of thousands of times said, “Very interesting. A good friend of mine is a wise man in Bethlehem – the baby Jesus shown in a manger by the media was in fact put there by his mother Mary who then took photos on her mobile phone and sent it to the apostles, before putting him back into his proper bed.”

The anonymous account has not been available for comment, but a brief look at its past tweets shows it has shared a number of pro-Herod memes, despite only becoming active a week ago.

A source close to the family told us, “Mary just needed a bed for her child, and one wasn’t available so she used a manger – she can’t believe people are criticising her for just trying to do her best for her baby.

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“So many people are calling her ‘fake news’, can they at least wait until she claims her child is magic before they start with that?”