Tories who dismissed ‘Project Fear’ now trying to terrify you about Corbyn’s dystopian nightmare

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The Tories who laughed off the concerns of ‘Project Fear’ in the 2016 EU Referendum are now happy to attempt terrifying a nation with visions of a nightmare dystopian future that Jeremy Corbyn will apparently bring.

Simon Williams, said, “Telling people what might happen is just a desperate political tactic based on trying to scare people into voting a particular way, usually relying on biased economists that you simply can’t trust.

“That said, if you vote for Jeremy Corbyn, antisemitic communist robot cyborgs will probably kill you and your children, even if you’re not Jewish.

“If that doesn’t happen – but it almost certainly, definitely will – then all those trees Labour plant will suffocate you as they breathe oxygen during the night. Oh, didn’t anyone tell you THAT?!

“Or, poor people will rob and kill you, because they no longer have to waste their time queuing at food banks. Is that what you want? Fully fed people taken out of poverty, just so they now have time to rob and murder you?

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“Anyway, all the situations we’ve painted above will definitely probably maybe happen, if Labour are voted in on Thursday.

“But make sure you don’t take in those ‘Project Fear’ – type lies that other parties propagate.”

“I voted Tory for a kinder, fairer society for all”, said no-one, ever – get the T-shirt!

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