BBC in new bias row after changing words to ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ on Strictly

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The BBC has, once again, found itself facing accusations of bias after the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ song was used on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday evening.

The song was used by an actor you’ve never heard of to jig about the stage for a bit before stopping.

“Once again, the BBC shows that it is a propaganda mouthpiece for Boris Johnson,” foamed Simon Williams, a Labour supporter who clearly has a lot of time on his hands.

“I was watching Strictly on Saturday, and was really excited when they started playing the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ song.

“Naturally, I stood up as a mark of respect – as is expected of all good comrades – so imagine my dismay when they changed the lyrics to something about armies and didn’t even sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ at all.

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“It’s just more evidence that the BBC is engaged in a campaign of disinformation to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street.”

However, Mr Williams revealed that he took a stand.

“Oh I did, I immediately played it back on iPlayer and sang the correct ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ words so you couldn’t hear the BBC’s cover-up.

“Mum was annoyed, because she didn’t get to see Chris do his dance, but I must use the power of my voice to stand up to BBC censorship.”

According to Mr Williams, it is not the first time that the BBC has controversially changed the lyrics of the song.

“No, I was listening to 6music by mistake and they played a cover of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ by the White Stripes which had all the words changed.

“They may as well just call themselves the British Broadcasting Conservatives.”