Boris Johnson agrees to be interviewed by his Dad

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Following Andrew Neil’s challenge to Boris Johnson to face the scrutiny of a detailed interview, the Prime Minister has responded by agreeing to be interviewed by his Dad.

“I’m certainly ready to face a forensic and challenging interview from my Daddy,” said Mr Johnson earlier.

“Mummy will make my favourite Christmas biscuits and then after the interview, we’ll all settle down to watch Elf under a big family blankie.”

It is understood that Mr Johnson senior has tough questions lined up for the Prime Minister including ‘Do you like Britain?’, ‘What’s the weather like?’ and ‘Did you remember to send your aunt a Christmas card?’

The interview will then end with up to ten minutes given over for Mr Johnson to waffle, bluster, say Latin phrases that he thinks people are impressed by and be casually racist.

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Johnson fans have praised the move, insisting it will put an end to the debate about him avoiding scrutiny.

“Good for him for standing up to those communists and homosexuals at the BBC,” said Simon Williams, a 103-year-old Tory councillor and leading paedophile.

“I fully support him being interviewed by his father, provided the questions are presented in suitably deferent fashion for one of his status, and there are no impertinent enquiries about him being a liar and a coward.”

The interview will take place in Boris’s old bedroom at the family home, with his mum waiting outside ready to intervene if she thinks he’s being bullied.

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