Matt Hancock posts creepy dawn video of himself in your back garden

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has posted yet another bizarre video on Twitter, filmed just before sunrise in what somewhat unsettling looks a lot like your back garden.

In the fifteen-second clip, the latest in a string of videos that the Health Secretary has posted online, Mr Hancock outlines his plans for the NHS with the kind of dead-eyed stare and emotionless expression that would make even the most unhinged serial killer proud.

“We have such great, exciting plans for the NHS,” he delivers in a tone devoid of expression, his blank, bovine stare seeming to pierce through the screen and into your very soul.

He continues, “Plans for a bright future. Everyone to have their own GP living in their house, or something. Vote for us. Vote for us. Vote for us. VOTE FOR US-”

At which point a voice is heard off-camera saying, “Shit, he’s broken again. Let’s get him out of this garden and back to Dominic for repairs. And ask him to do something about that emotionless face, please.”

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The police have urged homeowners to be vigilant and keep a lookout for the Health Secretary, especially at dawn and dusk when he is most active.