Daily Mail exclusive reveals violent immigrant used terror panic to steal valuable ivory narwhal tusk

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A violent Eastern European immigrant stole a valuable ivory tusk as London was in the grip of terror panic, according to reports in the Daily Mail today.

Taking advantage of the fear gripping the streets, the immigrant GRABBED an unattended ivory narwhal tusk and fled the scene before any of the decent Brits close by could stop him.

Reports confirm that the man was from abroad and only came here because of the dangerously-porous EU migration rules, and you don’t really need to know much more about him than that to form an opinion.

Fortunately, police were quickly on the scene and the tusk was recovered by our boys in blue, although reports suggest it may have been damaged during a fight, such was the immigrant’s complete disregard for the property of decent law-abiding Brits.

The Daily Mail exclusive went on to warn Brits of the danger of immigrants taking advantage of terror incidents.

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“It’s vital that hard-working British families are aware of the threat to their property from light-fingered immigrants from who knows where,” said editor Simon Williams in a hard-hitting editorial.

“Normal, honest, British people were distracted by the violence outside, and that distraction was all this criminal immigrant needed to take advantage of our soft-touch security and pilfer our nation’s valuables. No-one thought to challenge the thief for fear of being branded a racist – it’s political correctness gone mad!

“I think we can all agree, the faster we leave the EU and can stop this sort of undesirable coming here the better.”

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